Driving with Mid City Transit

We will not be able to offer you the opportunity of working as a school bus driver if:
-you "have ever been" convicted of D.W.I
-you have 4 or more points on your license
-you've been involved in 2 or more preventable accidents in the past 3 years

Thank you for showing interest in being part of the driver team at Mid City Transit Corporation. Since 1935, Mid City Transit and it's drivers have been responsible for transporting the school children of the Middletown School District, at all times committed to providing those children with a safe and reliable bus service.

Here we aim to set out not only the benefits you will enjoy as part of a team of drivers, but also requirements that must be met. Many of these are dictated by legislation governing the recruitment of school bus drivers. Mid City Transit Corporation offers all successful applicants a competitive pay and benefits package to Full & Part time Employees. This includes:

  • Guaranteed 2 hour shift, twice a day (opportunities for more hours)
  • Routes available all year, including summer months
  • Health Insurance including Vision & Dental
    (Currently Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
  • Free Life Insurance (No Cost to Employee up to $10,000.00)
  • 401k retirement plan with employer match after 12 months
  • Flexible Spending Account (Medical)
  • Paid snow days (after 6 months)
  • Paid: (2) State Mandated Refreshers
  • Paid: Required 30 hour bus driver safety course

Before completing an application form you must be in possession of a New York State Commercial Driver's learning permit, class B, with a passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsement, obtainable from Department of Motor Vehicles. To obtain the learner's permit you must hold a valid NYS driver's license and be 21 years of age or older. In addition to this, at DMV you must:

  • Complete an application (MV-44)
  • Provide proof of identity, residency, date of birth, & social security number
  • Pay the application and test fees
  • Pass the vision test
  • Pass the general knowledge test, the passenger endorsement test (P), School Bus Drivers test (S) & the air brakes knowledge test. The Commercial Driver's Manual can be obtained from the office at Mid City Transit or DMV, the revelant sections being 1 through 5 and Chapter 10 (School Bus)

It is at this point that a completed application form should be submitted to Mid City Transit Corporation. Applicants successful at this stage will be invited for an interview.

All successful applicants must undergo a physical examination, including drug and alcohol testing. Applicants who pass the physical examination, drug & alcohol tests, will be offered full training to equip them to pass the skills test in a school bus and obtain their Commercial Driver's License. This training is provided by Mid City Transit's qualified trainers, supplemented by video training material.

Upon passing the skills test a physical performance test is undertaken, and fingerprints are taken. You must clear a criminal background check by both the NY Division of Criminal Justice & Federal Bureau of Investigation before driving students. We utilize digital fingerprinting & this process usually takes only 1 day

We at Mid City recognize the time and committment that is required by applicants to pass the necessary tests before becoming a school bus driver. Undertaking the training will not only equip you to pass the test and provide you with a new skill, you will also gain the confidence to drive effectively, and calmly deal with any situation that may arise. For further details do not hesitate to contact us at (845) 343-4702 or:

Apply in person at:
Mid City Transit Corporation
518 State Route 17m
Middletown New York 10940

Last Year Mid City Transit Drivers transported Middletown School Students 1,231,277 miles